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Becoming a Successful Team Beachbody Coach (The Truth!)


All too often we see these incredible stories of people that joined the Beachbody business and went from the deepest hole to being amazingly successful in under 2 years. While that absolutely CAN happen to those that put in the work and diligence, it’s not realistic. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but for the average person to become successful, it will take INSANE work ethic and most of all, time & patience. What creates a successful Team Beachbody Coach? Building a Team with a vision and DRIVE!

Often times we look at the ‘flash’ of what being a Coach can bring. We see the huge claims of money, houses, cars, paying off debts, etc…But what you don’t see is the pain, sacrifices, the doubts, the struggles, failures, tears, and mental battles that it took to achieve those goals. Becoming a successful Coach means that you have to be willing and ready to bust your BUTT for a minimum of 3-5 years. “But Chaz that’s a long time!”….and I reply with “That time is going to pass anyways isn’t it? Why not build your fortune while it does!” Too many people sign up as a Coach, spend 6 months searching for that ‘Secret Formula to Success’, ignore what their upline is teaching them, then quit and say it doesn’t work. I say BS to that. You want to be successful? Then make the DECISION and COMMITMENT right now that you are going to stop being an amateur, start being a professional, put in 3-5 years of HARD FREAKIN WORK, and NEVER quit on yourself.


Building a Team.

What does it take to build a Team in this business? It takes a few skills such as inviting, sponsoring, relationship building, and influencing. When you become a person of inspiration and influence, people are DRAWN to you. One mistake that I made my first 4 years as a Coach was I thought I had to go find and CONVINCE people to join my business. WRONG. When you are focusing on convincing people to join, you lose sight of what Beachbody is all about, inspiring and helping those who are ready! When you change your mindset, start focusing on building yourself up through personal development and sharing your story, you will start to notice that people become attracted to you. This is called attraction marketing! Worried that you don’t know anyone that would want to join your Team as a Coach? Simply start by branding yourself and sharing your story.

One great way to start branding yourself is to make a list of 3-5 roles that you have in life. 1 will be a Beachbody Coach. But here’s the thing, you are MORE than Beachbody! Ever visited a facebook page and all you see is a company brand EVERYWHERE with nothing but logos and links? Turns you off right? Don’t be ‘that guy’ in the Beachbody world. Find 3-5 other things that you are! These can be roles you play such as mother/father, hairstylist, massage therapist, accountant, or some other ‘job’ title. Other options would be hobbies! Hobbies are one of the absolute best ways that people make a connection and start building a relationship. Fashion, shoes, hiking, biking, basketball, tennis, book club, church, etc…Make a list of all the hobbies and passions that you have in life and start sharing about them. This is what will ATTRACT like-minded people to you!


Leading by Example

One of the most effective ways that you can build this into a successful business is to LEAD BY EXAMPLE. I’ve personally experienced the power of this! In the Beachbody Coaching world, we have what’s called the 3 Vital Behaviors: Be a Product of the Product, Personal Development, and Invite!


Be a Product of the Product!

This means that YOU are taking your own advice and following a program and drinking your shakeology. Often times I used to fall into my own rut because I am human too! I would go through the start/stop motion of programs, always being really motivated and on track for 2 weeks, then quitting, then restarting, etc….And during those times, guess what my challengers/clients did? Followed my lead and did the same. Remember this quote, “What you DO speaks so loudly, that I cannot hear a word you SAY!” Your Team of Clients and Coaches will always do as you do. It doesn’t matter if you are the most motivational person in the world, giving the best advice, and helping each of your members, if you are not following your own advice, neither will your Team. Be the leader, lead by example, and don’t let your own excuses get in the way.


Personal Development!

You do workouts to strengthen your physical body right? What are you doing to strengthen your mind? This is where PD comes in! Schedule a 30 min block in the morning to sit down and dive into a great book. This does not mean go grab your favorite Harry Pottery story….This means you will be reading, digesting, and implementing what you learn from PD style books. Great starters are “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy and “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. This is going to be no different than your workouts, you will need to schedule the time, and stay consistent with it, even on the days that you don’t feel like it. Developing your physical body will only bring you so far in life, it’s developing your MINDSET and who you are that will bring the best transformation!



Another important business building activity! You can be in the best shape using our products and be reading your PD every single day, but if you are not inviting every day/week consistently, you will not see growth in your business. Inviting means either to a Challenge Group or to your Business as a Team Beachbody Coach. How do you invite people? Simple, TALK! Does this mean go around shouting your opportunity to everyone you come in contact with? Absolutely not. All you need to focus on is making 2-5 new contacts each day. Go out every day with the intent on making new friends. Keep it simple! Find ways to strike up conversations with strangers, and get them added to FB. In the grocery story? Give out compliments! “Those are some great shoes! Where’d you get them?” or “I don’t mean to be forward, but you are in amazing shape! Mind if I ask what workouts you do?” Make the convo short and sweet and end with something like “Well it was great to meet you, do you have a facebook account?”

This will take time and practice to get comfortable with talking to people. Our human emotions like to create self-doubt and worry about what a stranger would think of us…And I can tell you that this FEAR holds 98% of people back from accomplishing their goals. My biggest tip? Get over it! Just tell it to shut up and do it!


And for my final thoughts on what it takes to become a Successful Team Beachbody Coach…

You have to be committed. Seriously. Don’t join the business with the mindset of “Well I’ll give it a shot and see if I can make it work.” NOPE! The second you hit that Submit button and see that final “Congratulations on becoming a Beachbody Coach!” sign, you  go look yourself in the mirror and say “I don’t care how long it takes, how hard it will be, how much sacrifice it will take, or how many times I fail, I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE THIS WORK!” I’m not here to sugar coat this business and say “Join my Team now and I will help you earn $100k per year!”…I am here to tell you that this will take serious work. BUT I can also tell you that after you have read about all this hard work and you are ready to make that commitment to yourself to build this business, it will ALL BE WORTH IT! Every sleepless night, every failure, and every sacrifice you make, it will all be worth it.

I’ve personally put in the work and am walking the talk. I’ve been able to fire my boss and now work for myself doing Beachbody full time. I’ve built the foundation of my incredible Team. It’s like an airplane taking off…It takes force and stretch of runway in the beginning, but there reaches a point where you lift off the ground, climb to 38,000ft, and start to run on autopilot. This business has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, taken the most amount of time/work that I’ve ever committed to something, and taken the most amount of sacrifice that I’ve ever given. And here I am, at my ‘home office’, in my favorite chair outside under the beautiful 85 degree sunshine, living life on my terms. No more declined time off requests, no more telling my family I can’t come to dinner because I work, and no more building someone else’s dream. This is my life. I live it how I want to now. Are you ready to make YOUR commitment to achieving freedom? Maybe it’s time to Discover Your Greatness.



Motivation: The Internal Battle



Your head hits the pillow as you start to reflect on how unproductive your day actually was. You went to work, came home, ate, wasted hours watching mindless tv, then went to bed. You tell yourself, “Ugh, why do I keep doing this to myself. I need to stop eating crap and I need to start working out. Tomorrow is the day. I’m going to get up early and go for a walk and I’m going to eat healthy food. Tomorrow is the day!”…..But what happens when that 6am alarm goes off? “Ugh, it’s too early, I need more sleep. I’ll just workout after I get home from work today.” So you sleep in, wake up with just enough time to shower for work, grab something high in fat/sugar for breakfast, then head to work. After a long exhausting day of stressing, you come home and plop down on the couch. “I really should do that workout. C’mon, just get up and do it.” After an hour of talking yourself OUT of the workout, it’s already dinner time with the family. You eat, watch some more tv, head hits the pillow, and you think “Tomorrow is the day!”


Sound familiar? This is called the Internal Battle. The constant talking yourself OUT of taking action with the tasks that will bring you closer to your goals. Motivation is often a word that is thrown around too freely though. Think about it. How many times have you thought, “Man I just need someone to motivate me!” Motivation is helpful, of course, but many people don’t understand that it is only temporary. Motivation gets you going, but it’s DEDICATION that keeps you moving forward. How many times have you started a workout program, and quit after 2 weeks? How many times have you thought about starting classes to get your degree, but never actually did it? Tried to start your own business, but quit after 6 months because you saw no profit? It’s time to KNOCK IT OFF with the start/stop routines that you have been following all of your life. It’s time to GET MAD enough to finally make a change in your life!


Recently I’ve been having this internal battle with myself for the last 8 weeks. Prior to a vacation my wife and I took, I was up at 6am most days, doing a morning yoga routine, reading my personal development for an hour, doing my workout, eating to fuel my body, and focusing on helping others along the way. But after that trip, coming home for the first time with no actual ‘JOB’ to report to, I found myself getting complacent. I found myself on a daily basis just wanting to be lazy, go through the motions of my workouts, eat junk food all day, and disconnect from the world. I found myself becoming a hermit again. How did I climb out of this rut? I simply have been just doing it. Doing what, you may ask? I wrote down what my perfect day would look like! I wrote down the times I would do things if I woke up and had the perfect schedule including all of the tasks that would help me move towards my goals with health, fitness, relationships, and business. Next step was to JUST DO IT! I took baby steps. I started with eating healthier for a few days, then added intensity in my workouts again, then started waking up 30 min earlier, etc….



Every freakin morning that alarm goes off, I still want to hit snooze and stay cuddled up in my warm bed. But I know that I have goals, and I know that I have a very short time on this earth to accomplish them. So how do I stay motivated? I JUST DO IT! Whether you want to or not, DO IT! How does this work? Because laziness fuels more laziness, and activity fuels more activity! Think about it…Have you ever had something like a project to get done, but you plop on the couch and watch a show…Thinking “I’ll just watch one episode and get to work”?  What happens is you finish that episode, and all of the sudden you have ZERO energy or motivation to do anything for the rest of the day. But there is also the opposite effect as well…Think about a time that you didn’t have the energy for a workout, but you did it anyways. Chances are that you finished that workout and had a TON more energy than you did when you started it. Remember that next time you find yourself putting off a task that will bring you closer to your goals.


So the Internal Battle….This is never ending. People tend to think the struggle eventually goes away. I’m here to break the news that it doesn’t. Every bit of you will find a way to fill your mind with self doubt, fear, and anxiety. But you NEED to fight BACK! You get stronger, mentally and physically, but you will always have struggles. The more you learn to push through them and keep moving towards your goals, the more you will stay ‘motivated’ on a consistent basis. I’ll end you with this task: Think about the internal battle that you’ve been fighting this week or this month. Write down those struggles in one column. Then in the next column write down ways that you can overcome them. Struggling with waking up at 6am to workout? Set your alarm for 6:45 for a few days. Once you are waking up at that time, set the alarm for 6:30, then 6:15, and finally 6:00. Take baby steps. Struggling to eat healthy? Start with just 1 healthy meal per day. Then work your way to 2, and 3, and 4, etc…Set a specific day each week to enjoy those tasty foods without depriving yourself.


This is the only life you get on this physical earth. There are no re-dos. 1 Body. 1 Mind. 1 Spirit. 1 Shot! You can be stuck in an overweight, unhealthy, and miserable body…Or you can start standing up for yourself and FIGHT BACK with your internal battle to achieve a healthy body, healthy mind, and incredible lifestyle. This is your life. Re-Claim it. Time to Discover Your Greatness.

Finding Your Daily Peace

Daily Peace? What the heck does that mean??


Too often we get so wound up in our daily stressful lives, that we literally forget to just STOP for a minute to clear our heads. Work, family, bills, emergencies, meetings, friends, drama, etc….These are all things that demand our attention every single day. It is up to YOU to create a time each day to find your peace and calm your mind. It’s time to stop with your usual daily routines and time to start creating NEW ones that will help restore your inner peace, happiness, and balance in life.

How do you find this daily peace that I’m talking about? There are several options!

1) Create a 10-15 min slot in your day where there will be NO distractions. Simply sit/lay down, take deep breathes, and focus on nothing. Yep, I said focus on NOTHING. Your mind is a very complex system that is designed to solve puzzles and always be thinking about something. Your job here is to do your best to focus on your breathing and clearing your mind. This is called Meditation! Sounds silly and even feels funny to do at first, I know, BUT if you actually just do it, I can assure that you will feel 10x more relaxed than you will all day. After you’ve completed this session, you will start to find that inner peace.

2) Find a hobby! Seriously, pick up an instrument and learn to play, solve puzzles, knit, write in a journal, create a scrapbook of memories, etc…Just do something that will bring you joy and take your mind of your daily stress.

3) Get outdoors and be active! One of my personal favorites! Tennis, Basketball, Walking, Jogging, Running, Rock Climbing, The Beach, Hiking! Again, do something that you will ENJOY and have fun doing! Not only are you getting physical exercise, but you will be giving your mind that positive boost that it’s probably been craving all day or even all week. One of my favorite outdoor activities is to go on an hour long walk. Sound boring right? I challenge you to do this everyday for a week. I can promise that you will feel a sense of peace after each walk. Plug in some uplifting audio books by Leaders such as Jim Rohn, Les Brown, or Tony Robbins! I’ve been practicing this method of ‘relaxation’ for the last year and it has helped me tremendously :)

4) Build/Repair something! I have found over the last few months that I’ve surprisingly found a great amount of peace of mind when I am deep into a project! Whether it is repairing something on your car, building a dog house, creating a fire pit in the backyard, or even doing some yard work. Again, with the goal of getting your mind AWAY from the daily stress, projects are a fantastic way to gain a sense of accomplishment and give you a confidence boost at the same time!

The point of this post….Stress Management! Learn to control the stress in your life by balancing it out with moments of peace, and you will start to have brighter days. I am now signing off and enjoying the rest of my ‘stress relief’ for the day by the fire! Have a blessed evening my friends and remember to DISCOVER YOUR GREATNESS!! :)



Welcome To My Adventures! (Becoming The Lion)

1533727_10151946650751359_1951912380_n The ups, the downs, the laughter, the tears, the joy, the heartache, and everything in between! This is LIFE and I am learning to fully enjoy every minute of it! Welcome to my crazy adventures :)  If you do not know my story already, check out the ‘My Story’ section up top! Here we are almost halfway through 2014 and I can’t help but feel the need to start keeping a blog to continue sharing my life story as it’s being written. 2013 was the year that I made the most sacrifices, had the biggest break throughs, and took that big step towards becoming not only my own boss, but my own leader and designer of my daily life. I’ve always had this power within me, we ALL do! It wasn’t until this year in 2014 that I finally opened up my eyes to my own TRUE potential rather than the superficial BS that drove me in the beginning.

Firing my boss and never working for the MAN was my first driving force that lead me to where I am today. But now that I have created the Time Freedom that I have always wanted, I have started to learn more about myself and what my true driving forces are in life. My real WHY. Trista and I took an incredible vacation to Florida and on a Caribbean Cruise in March(2014) all courtesy of Beachbody! It was the vacation that we have always dreamed of and we finally were able to take it! Before that trip, I put my notice, both at a 5 Star Spa I was at for 4 years, as well as a Clinic that I was doing Massage Therapy at for 1.5 years, so when we got back from that vacation, for the first time in my life, I was truly my own CEO. I controlled my schedule and I controlled what my daily life looked like. I was on cloud 9 that first week! “No boss! This is awesome!!” I thought to myself…

But after that week, I started to slowly lose my drive for life, business, and even my workouts/nutrition. I found myself spending more time on the couch in front of my Xbox than I did on the phone or on the computer with my Beachbody Clients and working on my Business. Did I notice I was being lazy all those weeks? Absolutely. Did I try to ‘snap out of it’ and get back on track? You bet! But even after basically yelling at myself in the mirror to “Knock it off and start living your life!”, I still managed to struggle with that daily motivation to JUST DO IT! I lost my WHY. I lost my driving force that I had in 2013. Why? Because I was always motivated by running FROM something.

The Lion vs. The Gazelle. The Gazelle is running FROM something and the Lion is running TOWARDS something. What’s the difference?The Gazelle is obviously motivated to RUN when the Lion starts to chase it. That Gazelle is no longer worrying about anything in life except to ESCAPE. This can be a great motivator, no doubt…But what happens when the Gazelle finally does escape that Lion? He rests. He gets comfortable. He no longer has that driving force until the next “Oh crap!” moment happens. Now how about the Lion? What motivates him? The Lion is always on the prowl, always working towards that next meal, and ALWAYS on his A game ready to pounce at any given moment. The Lion knows that if he does not chase that next Gazelle, he and his family will not eat. The Lion is ALWAYS HUNGRY!

Sound familiar? I was being a Gazelle this whole time. I was stuck at jobs that I could not stand and I wanted to escape. I started running in 2013. I ran and ran and ran until I had nothing left. I made the sacrifices, I stayed up late, I woke up early, I said ‘no’ to my friends/family, and I RAN HARD! This worked great….for awhile. Until I was able to quit all those jobs and have my Time Freedom that I was searching for. I escaped. I rested. I got comfortable. Complacency is what took over. I never fully understood the Lion vs. Gazelle analogy until a few days ago, when I finally realized that I have been a Gazelle this entire time.

No longer will I run from something. No longer will I use superficial motivators in my life to get something done. My goals and my DREAMS will never become a reality unless I transform into that LION ON THE PROWL for that next meal! Time Freedom is great, but this is just the beginning. I want to be debt free, I want to provide for my family what was never provided for me growing up, I want to be the leader and role model for my wife, brother, sister, and my clients. I WILL ACHIEVE GREATNESS! Here’s to the rest of 2014 and the beginning of my journey towards becoming a damn LION!!!   10372271_10152180748096359_8385371785695968150_n

Trista & I at Stingray City, Cayman Islands

(March 2014)


This website is dedicated to ALL aspects of what I do: Massage Therapy, Fitness Training, and Beachbody Coaching. I’ll be working hard over the next month to build this site up to offer as much as I can to assist you in reaching your goals! If you have any ideas or input for the website, feel free to let me know.