P90X2-Week 10 Recap

Geez. Still in awe that week 10 is already gone! This week went very well overall. Had my ups and downs with the diet. The last 3 days of week 9 were very low carb days, Monday of week 10 was a high carb day, that turned into 3 days of not really tracking a whole lot. My weight is still about 190lbs so I didn’t gain anything which is a plus! Trista and I killed the workouts this week. I was up from 15lbs to 25lbs on PAP Lower: Convict step up lunges. All in all I’m happy with the last week. Had a good balance of the workouts, work, family time, etc…The Bahamas trip is in 9 days so I’m planning on tightening up the diet for this week, tracking everything that goes into my body, and shooting to get down to about 185-188lbs. Time to go into overdrive!

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Finally have some decent weights!

Today is an awesome day! I’m a huge fan of Craigslist. I’ve been keeping my eye out for some plates since all I’ve had for months are 10lb plates. I’ve been VERY patient and checking CL daily for weeks and finally found the deal I’ve been waiting for. 2 45lb plates for $40! That right there is a steal! Even better, he was looking for a dumbbell so I threw in a spare 20lb DB I had laying around and I am now a proud owner of my first 45lb plates for only $30 out of pocket. Now I can get 240lbs on the bar! Next upgrade is getting an actual olympic bar and some 25lb plates. Time to work on getting my deadlift strength back up!

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7 Minute Burpee Challenge

So after hitting a 30 min circuit with Trista, I was feeling great and decided to take on the CrossFit burpee challenge. 7 minutes: As many burpees as possible. Rules are to have your hips and chest touch the ground, and on the jump, touch your hands 6″ above your reach. Ended up getting 71 reps. Not that impressive compared to die hard crossfit athletes but good for me! One hell of a workout and was sweating like a beast. Get some! Day 60 in the books. Back to PAP Lower tomorrow:)

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P90X2-Day 60 Recap

Insane how fast this program has gone by already. Needless to say, I’m am extremely happy with the results so far! My first month went fantastic, huge improvements in balance/stability as well as dropping 5lbs and a few inches. The 2nd month is typically the hardest for me, diet simply sucked for the first few weeks. Week 3 of month 2 was perfect. Then week 4 I simply got burnt out and slacked on diet and workouts. I finished up week 8 which was a much needed recovery week. I am now towards the end of week 9 and am VERY happy with how this week turned out. I’ve started a carb cycling plan which I’m right on track with and the workouts are fun and tough! I took my day 60 measurements this morning. I’m now down a total of 7.2lbs, 2.5% body fat, 3″ off the chest, gained 3/4″ biceps, lost 2.25″ stomach, 2.5″ hips, and .75″ from each thigh. Month 2 results weren’t as drastic as month 1 because of the diet/intensity of the workouts, but I am re-energized and ready to ROCK these last 30 days!

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This website is dedicated to ALL aspects of what I do: Massage Therapy, Fitness Training, and Beachbody Coaching. I’ll be working hard over the next month to build this site up to offer as much as I can to assist you in reaching your goals! If you have any ideas or input for the website, feel free to let me know.

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